Sunday, September 6, 2009

True Project Based Learning

I'm about to begin a project based learning approach in my Secondary Mathematics classroom and would appreciate some input or ideas for possible road blocks that I can already see in the future. In math classrooms most students want to sit and watch the teacher work the problem. Any time collaborative learning or group learning is introduced into the classroom (and I do this on a slow gradual basis) most students still will not make an effort in trying to solve the problems or build on the old ideas. I can't even get the gifted students to make an effort towards trying something new, that they may possibly not understand. They just want to simply sit there and wait for me to come and explain step by step what to do. This is just as beneficial as the process above. How do I get my students to go from passive learners to active learners when it comes to math?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Working Definition

Integrating technology into education is the process of utilizing any piece of technology in the education of students. Technology is everything from the paper the students are supposed to bring. It is the pencils they forgot to bring to class. And it is also the iPod touch used by a teacher to help students plan for their next year at college. Many people look at integrating technology as something that is new to education. But the fact is any advancement in the tools we use can be defined as technology. Up until this point in our society, teachers have been able to stay current with the technology as it progressed. Therefore, they were able to adequately integrate technology into their lessons. However, we now live in exponential times where the progress of technology has far exceeded teachers’ abilities to not only learn it for themselves but to properly integrate that technology into the learning environment. In conclusion, integrating technology into education is not something that will be done one day but something that has always been a part of education and hopefully always will be.