Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Working Definition

Integrating technology into education is the process of utilizing any piece of technology in the education of students. Technology is everything from the paper the students are supposed to bring. It is the pencils they forgot to bring to class. And it is also the iPod touch used by a teacher to help students plan for their next year at college. Many people look at integrating technology as something that is new to education. But the fact is any advancement in the tools we use can be defined as technology. Up until this point in our society, teachers have been able to stay current with the technology as it progressed. Therefore, they were able to adequately integrate technology into their lessons. However, we now live in exponential times where the progress of technology has far exceeded teachers’ abilities to not only learn it for themselves but to properly integrate that technology into the learning environment. In conclusion, integrating technology into education is not something that will be done one day but something that has always been a part of education and hopefully always will be.


  1. Coach White,

    I like that how you explained how a simple tool as a pencil works into the integrating technology theme. Well done!

  2. Hi, Coach -- I am pursuing this degree in IT because I thought if I didn't jump on the technology train, I'd get left way behind. Because technology is developing so exponentially, as you pointed out, I feel that if I take a handful of skills back to the classroom and do those well, then I've taken steps in the right direction. Plus, as I learn, I'm building the capacity to learn.

  3. Coach,

    We are at a point now where we really can't catch up to all the technology that most kids are familiar with. The new challenge is to "stay close" rather than keep up. I consider myself very tech savvy and I find out about new websites/gadgets/technology from my students on a daily basis. Our challenge is to find the "valuable technology" and incorporate it into our classrooms to keep learning fun and interesting for our students.

  4. I loved your definition for technology integration! I really like that you pointed out that everything used to aid the students in aquiring knowledge is considered technology integration. I like how you also included the non-curriculum teaching moments (the iPod touch with the college planning).


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