Monday, October 5, 2009

B6: Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling just means that an ancient art has now been modified one more time. Storytelling is among man's oldest art forms. Many of the hymns, myths, legends, and historical events have been passed down from generation to generation through the ages by means of storytelling. Fire is one of the first technological improvements that allowed storytelling to move into another format. Around this time, was the use of cave paintings or carvings.
Jump forward a few thousand (or million depending upon your view) years and we now have moved past several other technological advances, i.e. pencil, paper, printing press, to an age where we now are able to tell our stories and immediately have them heard by millions of people around the world.
With such a powerful tool at our disposal, how could education not jump into the fray and start using this latest advancement in the quest to educate the youth. The big question is how long is the life of digital. Archeologists are still finding new cave paintings. In thousands of years, will the same be said for our digital stories?

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