Sunday, October 25, 2009

B9: Digital Storytelling Reflection

I rather enjoy doing this type of project. I think that if I had the proverbial option of doing things again with the knowledge I now possess, I would have gone to school to be a movie director or producer. I love the art of storytelling through cinematography. I think that the biggest challenge I face as a teacher and being able to utilize this tech in my class is the one of finding interesting enough stories to tell about math.
The flip side of that is that it may force my students to be creative and not just be content with the material I produce for them. If I lay down the challenge to them of making them either watch my boring material or create their own. I hope they would rise to the challenge and out do me.
I had a little trouble with coming up with new material just for this project. My previous classes have had me do similar projects and I'd all but used my material on those classes. After several failed attempts and several attempts that didn't please the creative side of myself, I decided to do digital storytelling inside of digital storytelling and add another layer to the project. I encountered only minor issues after that and was able to turn out a project that was somewhat acceptable in my mind. I realized through all of this that I have grand visions of what I would like to create which leads me to disappointment when I see the final product doesn't measure up.

A great link to information on integrating digital storytelling in the classroom is:
It also provides examples and plenty of guides and articles on the best uses of digital storytelling.


  1. This was one of the most impressive digital stories I saw! I think students would really hop on board with such a great example. I think it would really get their creative juices flowing and as an underlying result have them LEARNING! :)

  2. I agree that the vision of a project often doesn't match the reality, but you did a great job with your DST. It should inspire your students, and, yes, if you're lucky, they will outdo you! Their excellent work will just show how much you helped them to grow.


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