Sunday, November 8, 2009


I recently presented at the Georgia Educators Technology Conference in Atlanta, GA. My co-presenter and I felt that both of our presentations went extremely well, but we are always looking for feedback.

The two presentations were titled:
1) Fifty Great Websites and Technologies for Teachers
2) Work Smarter not Harder

The first presentation seemed to go over really well and will probably be delivered again next year with the proper upgrades.
The second presentation provided some difficulty due the diversity of the audience as it pertains to their usage of certain technologies.

We are looking for feedback or suggestions for upcoming conferences about what people would like to see, i.e. should we do a workshop instead of a presentation geared more toward a specific technology or should we present more in depth ways of using several technologies. Please offer any suggestions you may have as well as any new pieces of technology or websites you think people should know about.

Thank you for your time!


  1. Coach, do you have a list of these technologies you can post? I've just spent half an hour browsing the websites you have listed at the top of the blog. WOW! Those are all wonderful sites and I'd like to introduce some of them to my school system.

  2. Yes! If you decide to share, count me in on your recipient list. Thanks for sharing the ones already posted.

  3. I would just pick 2 or 3 new technologies and give a brief overview of each technology for your next presentation.


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