Sunday, November 15, 2009

PBL Group Lessons

For the PBL project our group was expanded by one member. She has worked with us all extremely well and I think I speak for the group when I say that it was a pleasure having her join us. The following are brief descriptions of each group members lesson activities that when all relate in some way to the overall project of Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics:

Bethany: students would be "the dream team." We would take a trip over to the baseball field, "suit up" (the bball coach is the P.E. coach at the elementary school), and hold a "practice." During practice students would engage in basic fundamental agility-type practice activities. During the practice, students would measure and record:
1) the number of steps from one base to another
2) how far they can throw a baseball
3) how far they can slide
4) the weight of a baseball, bat, and glove
AND in the spirit of being a big leaguer...
5) how far they can spit sunflower seeds (cute, I know) :)
After practice, students will create a graph using the data they've collected. Pictures (a hopefully a couple of short video clips) of the practice will be compiled that the students will narrate (explain their actions in the pictures) with some fun, cute comments thrown in,
MovieMaker aspect would almost be secondary since the kids couldn't complete it independently. The graphs they will complete using Microsoft Word will be included in the MovieMaker project as well. This would address Measurement and Data and Probability standards from 3rd to 5th grade.

Zena:"Explore The Diamond": English to Metric System Conversion of MLB Stadium Home Plate to Center Field Distances. Students will choose a stadium and a character (their favorite baseball player or it can be themselves), create a CL of the character batting down the center field. They will be asked to display on the CL distance of their chosen stadium in feet and meters. Excel Chart Wizard will be used to compare CF distances of 3 stadiums that the student chooses using both.

Jane: The learning activity Fantasy Baseball Math Broadcasts provides an engaging way for students to speak both clearly and concisely about their content learning in math class and thereby further their comprehension of mathematics. Fantasy Baseball Math Broadcasts also provides an opportunity for students to develop their writing skills, public speaking skills and spoken vocabulary.

Leah: Research indicates that using sports in the classroom helps to increase student motivation in the classroom. This was one reason for implementing this project- to help increase student motivation in math. My lesson was developed to show that fantasy baseball can be implemented in the lower grade levels and vary across subjects. Fantasy baseball does not have to be carried out in the upper level math classes. My lesson proves this, and was developed for second grade in a reading or language arts classroom.

Cliff: Media and technology students will be filming the draft night and edit the footage to create the feel of an ESPN type broadcast. Students will engage in standards that require the use of technologies like: MovieMaker, iMovie, Garageband, and others.


  1. Matt,

    Thanks for your leadership in designing the PBL for our group. I mentioned in my blog that finding a correlation to Baseball ans Math was a challenge for me. So I appreciate the challenge you presented and I learned from it! I had no idea that home plate and centerfield distances varied by baseball park/stadium. A little bit of trivia that I will explore in depth in the future.

    Go Team!

  2. Good synopsis of everyone's example. I think we all did a great job of making lessons that can be used in our classes during this project.


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